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The Alberta Writer offers many services to help Red Deer and Central Alberta businesses and organizations just like yours to meet their potential. These services include technical writing, internet marketing, graphic arts and creative works, website design, and more. We understand that not all of our packages may be an exact fit for your organization. Don't worry, chances are we can still help. We offer competitive & upfront hourly rates. We also offer per-project pricing to eliminate any surprises. The Alberta Writer is here to work with our clients helping organizations to meet their potential. Do you need a quote? Follow this link: Request A Quote!

We Offer a 5% Finders Fee!

We, at The Alberta Writer, strive to impress all of our clients with our customer service and the value of our products and services. We appreciate positive and negative feedback as it pushes us to excel. Our clients are also our friends and we appreciate you promoting us. We also think that you deserve a little something for helping us to meet our potential. This is why we offer a lifetime 5% finder's fee to all our good buds who direct great people in our direction. Yes, you read that correctly! For every job that we receive from a client you referred to us, you will receive a 5% commission. Once we receive payment for an invoice, we shoot a cheque, e-transfer, or PayPal payment out to you in appreciation for finding us another friend. Cheers!

Our services

Graphic Design & Creative Services

Offering graphic artist expertise to Red Deer & Central Alberta. Allow The Alberta Writer creative team to enhance your company’s brand. We help you stand out from the crowd.

Writing Services

We offer all types of writing services. From technical writing to creative writing, our writing services create informative, engaging content for a targeted audience.

Social Media & Internet Marketing Services

Our social media and internet marketing services allow you to strategically market your products and services to a targeted audience through engaging content. Sound internet marketing is another great way to tell your story, increase site rankings, and add clients.

Website Design Services

The single most important Web-based asset that your organization has is your website. It’s most likely the only one that you actually own. Use our website design services and packages to create a truly memorable and practical website that provides great information for your clients and generates sales leads. Let us make sure that your website is working for you.


Printed Design

The Alberta Writer offers print ready designs to assist our clients in creating brochures, newsletters, signs, and to brand all your promotional swag!

Social Media Channel Setup

Use our social media channel setup services to ensure that your social platforms are set up correctly. Social media marketing is good for your Central Alberta business!

Blog Set Up Services

We offer blog set up services. In smaller markets, like Red Deer & Central Alberta, having a blog can really increase your website’s rank in browser searches. A blog allows you to easily add content to your site, which will increase traffic and generate sales.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Did you know that many of your competitors’ sites are not enhanced using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques? This is great news for you. Use our SEO services so that you can quickly climb the browser rankings and pass your competitors.

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laptop with a journal and a cup of coffee on a wooden desk for blog writing services

The Alberta Writer… so, just who are we?

The Alberta Writer Hi! It’s about time The Alberta Writer introduced itself to Red Deer and Central Alberta. We are an organization that is dedicated to helping locally owned and operated businesses meet their potential. Visit our website. We offer a unique suite of services designed to make small to mid-size businesses competitive against larger […]

The Alberta Writer Website Design Overview Checklist, Red Deer, Alberta

Website Design Overview Checklist

Why you Need a Website Design Overview Checklist Our Website Design Overview Checklist helps you make sure that your website is the best it can be. In fact, your website is likely the only Web property you own. Think about it for a second. You don’t own your social media channels, you do not own […]

What is Technical writing?

What is Technical Writing? What is technical writing? Technical writing makes information easy to understand. Technical writers don’t even need to use the written word because they can use audio or visual mediums to convey their messages too. Finally, the best technical writers use a variety of tricks and wizardry to keep their audience engaged. […]

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What our clients say

“The Alberta Writer is a professional, creative, dependable business that provides consistently high-quality products to its customers”

Testimonial by Zdenek Niedrele for The Alberta Writer
Zdenek Niedrele C.E.T/ Czech Tech Quality Services

“I’ve recommended The Alberta Writer to two companies that I’ve worked with. They do not disappoint. They have made apps, websites, brochures, business cards, banners, user manuals, as well as provided a complete corporate color scheme and graphic branding program.”

Chis Ghorham testimonial for The Alberta Writer
Chris Gorham Engineering Coordinator at Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing

“I have collaborated with The Alberta Writer on multiple projects and they are always a pleasure to work with. Their work is always accurate and user-friendly due to their attention to detail and their drive to give the customer the best possible end product.”

Ryan Corbett, Engineer with Lee Specialties providing a testimonial for
Ryan Corbett Engineer/Lee Specialties