About The Alberta Writer

Want to know a little more about us? The Alberta Writer team are the people that make your business competitive. While we can't eliminate your competition (Guido doesn't get out of The Slammer for a couple of months yet),  we can make sure that everyone knows how awesome you are... and how lame those other guys are (Seriously! Guido kneecapped them. They are literally lame, that's kind of why he's in The Slammer). Need writing services? How about Web design services? Or, maybe you need someone to do some graphic design? Yeah, we do that. Heck! We even do Internet marketing (and high stakes poker... but we're playing for Gummy Bears if anyone's asking).

Why We Do It

We do it because you are worth it. You deserve to live your dream and we're going to help you make it happen. While some companies have the resources to hire a team of full-time professionals, maybe you don't. That's where The Alberta Writer jumps in, from behind a bush, wearing a clown mask, screaming "BOO!" at the competition and scares the brown beans out of them. Adam Jasper is our founder and he hails from Red Deer, Alberta; he hates bullies and he's got your back. He's no genie but he's here to make your dreams come true.

Full Throttle

After years of working for a local manufacturing company as a technical writer, graphic artist, and marketing strategist; our founder, Adam Jasper, was laid off due to an economic downturn (short for a provincial wide kick to the taint). Instead of getting another "job", Adam decided to turn his part-time business into his full-time career... full throttle. He said "Adam, WTH! You got burned playing it safe... time to take life by the horns and slap that bull's ass. Time to take my skills to the people and make them awesomer!" Yeah, he said awesomer... and out loud too. 

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality yet cost effective business solutions to Red Deer & Central Alberta residents, businesses, and organizations who require the services of writers, social media experts, marketers, graphic artists, and other multimedia & business professionals. To work with great organizations run by awesome people who are community minded. To help these organizations to meet their potential by providing solutions catered to our clients' needs. To always improve upon our services and to be pillars within the community.

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What Our Clients Say

“The Alberta Writer is a professional, creative, dependable business that provides consistently high-quality products to its customers”

Testimonial by Zdenek Niedrele for The Alberta Writer
Zdenek Niedrele C.E.T/ Czech Tech Quality Services

“I’ve recommended The Alberta Writer to two companies that I’ve worked with. They do not disappoint. They have made apps, websites, brochures, business cards, banners, user manuals, as well as provided a complete corporate color scheme and graphic branding program.”

Chis Ghorham testimonial for The Alberta Writer
Chris Gorham Engineering Coordinator at Outlaw Eagle Manufacturing

“I have collaborated with The Alberta Writer on multiple projects and they are always a pleasure to work with. Their work is always accurate and user-friendly due to their attention to detail and their drive to give the customer the best possible end product.”

Ryan Corbett, Engineer with Lee Specialties providing a testimonial for www.alberta-writer.com
Ryan Corbett Engineer/Lee Specialties

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