Technical Writing Services & Packages

Technical Writing Services with a notebook and typewriter

Technical writing services are usually only available in larger city centers such as Edmonton and Calgary. Therefore, The Alberta Writer is proud to provide Red Deer and Central Alberta businesses with technical writing services.

If your organization needs to outsource technical writing, consider using our professional writing services because we follow a comprehensive writing process to ensure the deliverables we create are clear and concise. We create content in an informative way designed to engage your targeted audience and add authority to your brand.

Rates & Pricing

The Alberta Writer offers very competitive per-project pricing. This allows small to mid-size businesses to compete with larger corporations without needing to hire a full-time writer. If per-project pricing is not the right solution for you, consider opting for our very competitive $60 hourly rate. The Alberta Writer is invested in our community and is dedicated to helping your organization reach its potential.

Technical Writing Services - Types of Content

Technical writing services offer you many types of content beyond just manual preparation. Take a look at what technical writing services offer your business. You may be surprised.

Technical Documents

Service Guides

Specification Sheets

Quick Start Guides

Maintenance Manuals

User Manuals

Setup Guides

Business Documents

Procedure Manuals

Policy Manuals

Work Instructions

Administrative Guides



Training Materials

Online Help Libraries

Customer Training Courses (great upsell!)

How To Videos

Tip Sheets

Employee Training Courses

Technical Blog Content

Sales & Marketing Content

Product Descriptions

Product Pages

Product Catalogues

Products & Services Brochures

Website Product Pages

Company Overviews

Product Explainer Videos

Corporate Spotlight Videos

Technical Writing Services Help Every Industry

Every industry requires technical writing services because clear, concise communication helps at every level of business. Our technical writers skillfully navigate subject material across industry including:

Applicable Industries


Computer Software

Computer Hardware





Health Care


Oil & Gas


Sales & Marketing



Using Technical Writing Services Saves Time & Makes Money

Technical writing services make you money

Well-written documentation will save your organization money. This is because badly structured and badly written end user content results in a higher number of phone calls to your organization from people seeking assistance in finding information. This ties up your knowledge base so engineers, salesmen, and technicians are answering questions instead of designing products, selling goods and services, or servicing and repairing equipment. Using technical writing services provides your clients with information that is easy to find and easy to use. Not only does this reduce the resource drain on your knowledge base, but it increases your company’s industry-related authority. Great documentation is a great selling point!

Using professional technical writing services will make your company money in addition to adding a professional look and feel to your brand. Technical writers interview SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to understand what the buyer is looking for. When creating technical specifications, a technical writer will interview the sales team to understand what information is requested the most by potential clients. Tech writers also interview engineers and project managers to understand the standards used to develop a product. The technical writers also interview management to understand why this product was developed, the business driver behind it. With this information in mind, the technical writer develops a specification sheet that provides the most relevant information to the buyer while citing the standards used in a products development. Providing these “tailored to the audience” specifications sheets to your customers results in more informed, happier customers, which translates into more sales.

Technical writers also build training courses. Training courses are another great upsell! They provide your customer with a method of training their employees on equipment or software, and they provide you with another source of income.

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