Blog Writing Packages

Blog? Yes, you should. Blogging is a great way for your business to get traffic to its site and to set your organization up as an authority in your industry. Have you ever wanted to know how to start a blog? Starting a blog is a bit difficult if you are not overly tech savvy. Even for those people who are tech savvy, time may be an issue. The Alberta Writer provides various blog writing packages to help organizations just like yours to create a blog platform. We can set up your blog and let you become a blogger guru, or we can start writing blogs for you.

Planning your Blog Posts

Planning the content for your blog posts helps ensure that your message is clear, consistent, authoritative, and in line with your business goals. A professional writer consults with you before the beginning of each month to plan the topics for the next month. Images and video greatly enhance the effectiveness of your blog. You can select our stock image option, provide us with images, or elect not to use images in your blog. The Alberta Writer suggests that you have us perform a keyword analysis to make sure that your website is search engine optimized, or you can provide us with a list of keywords to include in your blog posts. 

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