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Hi! It’s about time The Alberta Writer introduced itself to Red Deer and Central Alberta. We are an organization that is dedicated to helping locally owned and operated businesses meet their potential. Visit our website. We offer a unique suite of services designed to make small to mid-size businesses competitive against larger organizations and to do so without needing to hire a full-time design and marketing staff. Because of this, our services include:

Our owner, Adam Jasper, was born in Calgary and raised in Red Deer from the age of 6 months. He knows that Central Alberta is a unique environment. We boast colleges, agriculture, oil and gas, forestry, education, manufacturing, finance, and tourism as our major industries. Albertans have a rich heritage, a great sense of community, and a tremendous work ethic. Combine all of this with an entrepreneurial spirit, and this is the reason that Alberta is Canada’s economic driver. It is our mission to make Central Alberta businesses meet their potential. Therefore, we design our services to this end. Read on to learn a little more about some of the services that we offer and how these services help businesses thrive.

The Alberta Writer – Technical Writing Services

The Alberta Writer team has a certified technical writer with over ten years of experience designing a variety of media deliverables. These include user guides, training materials, sales & marketing materials, web content and more. Using a technical writer will add value to your products and services and will increase the likely hood of repeat business. Technical writers are also great communications coordinators.

The Alberta Writer – Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing promotes your organization in a variety of ways. A sound internet marketing strategy leverages the power of keyword research and audience analysis to create a content targeted to your clientele. This targeted content is the provided across web-based properties such as websites, newsletters, social media channels, articles, and emails. The more great content you produce, the more likely you are to improve your brand’s profile, increase your website’s page ranking in the search engine results, and improve your sales.

The Alberta Writer – Graphic Design & Creative Services

Nothing captures the imagination like stunning art. Our graphic design team researches all aspects of your organization, your industry, your history, and your direction to create memorable brochures, videos, advertisements, logos, and brand identity guides. It is so important to create unique content in this age of media. It gets shared, liked, and commented on. In other words, it gets your organization noticed.

The Alberta Writer – Website Design Services

Did you know that your website is the only internet property that you likely own? It’s true. Social media channels, directories, your backlinks from other sites, your websites rank in search engine results; they are not in your control. However, your website is. If your website is filled with great content, search engine optimized, and easy to access then other web-based properties want to be associated with it. Our website designers are adept at creating eye-popping, functional designs guaranteed to promote your organization. We work with you to develop your website, promote it, help you maintain it, and even train you to add content yourself.

The Alberta Writer – Other Services

The Alberta Writer offers a variety of other services as well. Chances are that we can help you with any writing or design project that you can think up. We capture business processes, design flow chart, and write work instructions. We set up social media channels, blogs, and write articles. We create help, training, and promotional videos. And, most importantly, we are dedicated to helping Red Deer and Central Alberta businesses and organizations thrive.

The Alberta Writer Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Alberta Writer to provide the highest quality yet cost effective business solutions to Red Deer & Central Alberta residents, businesses, and organizations who require the services of writers, social media experts, marketers, graphic artists, and other multimedia professionals. To work with great organizations that are run by awesome people who are community minded. To help these organizations to meet their potential by providing solutions catered to our clients’ needs. To always improve upon our services and to be pillars withing the community.

Wrapping it up!

Look. We are here to help if you need any of our services. We know that Albertans are stronger working together and we will do everything in our power to make your organization a success. Here is a link to our Request a Quote form. Fill it out and ask questions. You can also email us at [email protected] or phone us at 403.505.8366. We won’t let you down.


The Alberta Writer - List of offered services

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